Nude Milk Tea Eye Shadow Palette

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Our Nude Milk Tea Palette is just the right mix of shimmery neutrals to give you that "no makeup" look. Create smoky eyes with shades like espresso, dark chocolate, or dark brown and gold. For something more natural, choose from light pink or milk tea. Our Nude Milk Tea themed eyeshadow palette has 6 matte and shimmer shades in a mosaic of milk tea colors and a complimentary bronzer. This palette is ideal for both day and night, to create the perfect milk tea look. It is also vegan friendly. Comes with limited edition stickers.

♡ Perfect for daily wear

♡ Pigmented for a natural look

♡ Apply wet or dry to create an array of vibrant colors

♡ A luxurious palette with twelve matte eye shadows in various shades, perfect for any day or night look.

♡ Shades are suited to all skin tones and give the perfect amount of pigment with just one swatch.