Zodiac Gel Nail Polish Set

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Every zodiac sign has its signature nail art to go with it, and this kit ensures you'll have a happy horoscope every day. It has everything you need to mark every month of your life as it passes you by. Quick dry in 3 minutes you'll be ready to go frolic in your zodiac nail art - no harsh UV light needed! Pick your zodiac sign and the number of color is in order of the picture so 1,2,3 etc. If you need anything just dm me and I'll make sure your order is correct. 12ml

1.Easy to remove and environmentally friendly
2.Peel off the nail latex and apply it on the nail where you want to polish
3.Use this nail gel to create perfect nail art and avoid staining your skin with nail polish
4.Use liquid tape to protect the nail when it comes to nails for DIY art. Just apply, when dry and peel off